Bloc: a group of people moving in a common direction for a common goal

Our mission is “To provide the highest level of quality customer service while creating a desirable place of employment where talented people with common goals want to work.”   Our goals:  1. Provide a safe, enriching, fulfilling and rewarding environment for employees.  2. Exceed Customer Expectations. 3. Serve and support the community through environmental compliance.  4. Create long-term partnerships with clients and suppliers.  5. Achieve solid financial performance.


 "Blue Collar Consulting" - Providing safe, reliable, transparent, compliant, cost effective consulting, and field service programs for all of our clientele.

Bloc's leadership team (affectionately called the Bloc Heads) work with our employees to identify their knowledge, skills, and abilities and placing them in the proper roles with responsibilities and expectations to set them up for success. We believe this is key to create an organization that will make sure that our client's are provided safe & educated workers helping to ensure that they are compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

Our workforce is trained & equipped with the latest, most accurate &  advanced, and recently patented equipment & technology available in today's ever-changing market(s) in the U.S. & around the Globe.


Blue-Collar Consultants are Not Expensive, They're Priceless...



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